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Building the Workbox 3.0

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Friends...I finally got a Workbox!!! It started as me showing the video to my hubby and he said "You should just get it." 24 hours later my pre-order was complete. It arrived about two weeks ago  and honestly, I have been working on it since then. I built it over the course of a few evenings and I just finished putting all of my items into it this past weekend.  I will do another post soon that gives a full look at it, but this post is just about the build and my first impression. To be frank, this is not a single person job, I repeat, find someone to help you! I am an experienced engineer and by the time I was done, I had used several principles of leverage, power tools, and light woodworking; it was a monster. However, once it was finished, it was magnificent! I was able to fit so many supplies in it because of all of the tote storage. Check out some photos below. 


These boxes are in addition to a crate that was about 7' x 3' that I had to leave in my garage. 



This is all of the hardware that comes with the Workbox. 



These tools are included, if you have a decent rubber mallet, use that instead, I found that the head kept popping off of this one. 



End of Day 1. 



End of day 2. 



End of day 3. Putting the shelves in was surprisingly difficult because some of the spacing was really tight. 


As you can see, I started putting things in there right away, and this was when it started to get really fun and exciting. This was also before I installed the crown, which I love, the light is great.

As you can see, I started putting things in there right away, and this was when it started to get really fun and exciting. This was also before I installed the crown, which I love, the light is great.


I ordered the magnetic boards for both doors because I have a ton of dies that I wanted to store and this worked beautifully.  Also I ordered the shelf upgrade for the Velcro swing door, but I haven't installed it yet, I'm still debating if I will.

Left side. 

Left side. 

I used my Letratag to put labels on almost all of the totes/shelves because as I was organizing, I realized everything would be in a new place.  That part was super fun too, I went through 3 cartridges! 


I found so many things I had forgotten about and apparently at some point I needed to buy every roll of washi tape known to man, I found at least 30 rolls. I also found duplicates of a few items and this made me realize I will probably spend less on supplies now because I can see everything that I own. I think that is awesome because in just the few weeks that I have had this, I have been able to make more cards and drawings because I'm not wasting g time looking for supplies or trying to find a clean work space. 


My camera even mounts to the top shelf! 

My camera even mounts to the top shelf! 

I am so happy with this view; so many of my frequently used supplies are right in front of me. I am still working on organizing a few things as I use it more. In fact, my paper trimmer now has a designated space instead of sitting on top of my Big Shot. 


It is so easy now to sit down and color or stamp, record tutorials, or work on blogging. This was a big expense, but it was really an investment that I think is worth it just for the time and sanity saved.  If you are on the fence about it I can honestly say I am very pleased with this piece and it looks beautiful closed.  I did not show under the table, but my sewing/embroidery machine is under there along with my colored pencils, my Crop-a-Dile Big Bite, my Cinch, my Xyron Creative Stations, and my Fiskars Rotary Cutter, and they all fit comfortably. I am still impressed by how much it actually holds, I was able to put all of my regularly used supplies in there and free up so much space in my closet in the craft room. 

Now that I have completed that, expect regular posts and videos! I have recorded a few but I have to edit them, also I will be doing a full tour of my Workbox soon. As always, thanks for stopping by and happy crafting! 

It's real in these crafting streets...Design Teams or the Hunger Games?

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I'm an avid crafter, there, I said it, or typed it. I do projects for people and I also design, draw, and create for myself and companies. However, wrapped up in all of this is the desire to have my own stamp line and my own designs. The issue is how to get your designs in front of the right people. One thing you need is exposure and unfortunately with so many print craft magazines going out of business and LSS (Local Scrapbooking Stores) going under, a lot of visibility opportunities were lost.  This leaves the obvious choice of the Internet, but even that requires the ability to not only choose the correct platform (blogging or social media), but to drive traffic to your profile/site.  I have been pretty fortunate with a few hundred followers on IG and my site, but that was really some luck and a nice shout out on the Quick Quotes blog.  Without that, I'm not sure what my audience would look like.  This brings up the subject of design teams, I currently belong to one and I'm looking to join 1 or 2 more next year, but even that is an uphill battle.  I personally only apply for design teams I genuinely want to belong to and support.  This is great for keeping your skills sharp and keeping you on task as most DTs have a calendar for your projects.  It's also wonderful to keep you in touch with other like minded creators.  If you've applied for a team or a dozen and you were not selected, please don't give up, it can take a while to find your footing and your style.  Take each application as an opportunity to improve your skills and show what you've learned, you'll be surprised at how quickly you improve. The good thing is that many teams have 6 month memberships so that gives you 2 opportunities per year. I would also suggest going for a team you're passionate about, even if it's one of the major companies because they will see through fake enthusiasm if you don't really enjoy the products.  Last bit of advice is to be yourself in your designs, copying the latest trend won't work and it won't help you stand out from everyone else, offer the team leader something unique, you. That's about all I have for now, but I just wanted to offer a quick pick-me-up to anyone that is struggling with their crafting right now.  It's an extremely competitive space with a lot of talented people, don't get discouraged and remember that the whole point of this is to make things and have fun! Until next time, happy crafting!

All I do is craft, craft, craft...

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Not really, but I wish that were true! I have been trying to up my crafting game and it's resulted in some purchases of supplies and then actively using them.  I try to make sure that I use my supplies regularly and I haven't bought new supplies (besides adhesive) in a few weeks. That might not sound spectacular, but for me that's a long time.  The truth is I realized I have enough supplies right now to go "shopping" in my craft studio; that realization forces me to use/rediscover what I already own.  Doing this has yielded some "Responsible Crafting".  I'm using that to refer to things like making swatches:


Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens

Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens

Practicing my handlettering: 


Done with Tombow Dual Brushpens

Done with Tombow Dual Brushpens

And even working on my digital art: 


Wacom Pad using Sketchbook

Wacom Pad using Sketchbook

I've been working to really get the most out of my supplies and I have to say I'm pretty happy.  I feel like I have fallen in love with some of my supplies all over again, which I like because I think it's easy to fall into the trap of "hoarding" supplies and being afraid to use your "good" supplies. To be honest, the whole reason you buy things should be so you can use them. I'm trying to take my own advice there, happy crafting! 


The Daily Marker 30 Day

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I have been continuing through the challenge and here are this week's updates.  


My first spinner card

My first spinner card

This was created by using some patterned paper, my nesting circle dies, a hello die, and a Stampin' Up stamp. I colored the image using Copics and then drew a "back" of the image with a Copic Multiliner. 


A window card

A window card

I made this card with a coordinating Stamp and Die set from Stampin' Up.  I used a piece of acetate for "glass" in the window, I colored the images in Copics and did the background with Distress Ink.

Tomorrow I will be featuring the Chiffon Collection from QuickQoutes, I'll be showing how to make a Box Card. Happy Crafting!