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2 Sticks and String

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Why did you start knitting?  

It's a question I hear all the time and the truth is I started because I'd spent enough time wanting to learn and decided to spend time actually knitting.  It's one of the most rewarding things in the world to take 2 sticks and a length of string and turn it into something else.  The very nature of knitting is transformative, not just for the material used, but for the knitter as well.  It's difficult to explain to someone who has yet to cast on, it seems like a hassle to learn.  In the beginning there is such a knowledge gap that even a simple pattern looks coded gibberish, what is K2 P2 ribbing?  Let's not forget charts, they might as well be secret treasure maps, read in the opposite direction; it all seems terribly convoluted.  But if you can get past those first few weeks or months of confusion and frustration, there's a membership card with your name on it, you will become...a knitter! It sounds strange, but every time I knit in public or ship out an item to a customer, I'm always asked in amazement "What are you making?" Or "Did you make that?", usually followed by "I wish I could knit." What I'd like to say is you can! Today could be the last day that you wish you knew how to knit and tomorrow will be the first day you started knitting. I don't know a single knitter that dwells on the initial difficulty of learning, each one sort of forgets any of the problems in the beginning and instead tells you how wonderful it feels to knit, myself included.  I remember my first hat I made, it was horrid, but I made it! I was so proud.  I still have it so I don't forget how far I've come and to use as an example whenever someone says they might not be good at knitting.