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Lifeprint is Giving Me Life

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I had to do a quick post on this AMAZING new tool I got this past week, it's called Lifeprint and you can buy one here or here.  The whole premise is so cool and fun, the printer uses augmented reality to print a code into a photo that looks normal but when scanned with their app reveals a video clip, it's like Harry Potter.  I did a short unboxing and tried it out on a stop motion that I did a while back and the result was so cool.  Check out the video below.

Can you even imagine how much neat stuff you can do for scrapping and card making with this?  You can have a card with you personally wishing someone happy birthday! The only thing they have to do is download the app, and that's free! I am so excited to use this for cards and artwork. I hope you enjoyed the video and you get a chance to try one of these, happy crafting! 

Fuji Instax Mini 8 Review

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Hey there everybody! I am writing today about the super cool camera I just got, an instant camera. I have been eyeballing these since they can out but the price tag was a little steep for a purely fun purchase.  However, I found a nice sale at my local Best Buy and decided to take the plunge...and I'm glad I did!

A sweet setup! 

A sweet setup! 

I wasn't sure how much film I needed, so I got 20 regular exposures and 10 rainbow border exposures. I bought more film 3 days later, not because I used it all, but I did go through 10 fairly quickly. The pictures are very cool and they are about the size of a business card. I bought an album that holds 120 photos so that I could snap all of the photos. I'm going to decorate it with some vinyl designs from my Cricut eventually too.


l really like the case too, I chose the light pink camera because I thought the other colors were heavy and the white was too plain.

The flap of the case snaps on and off. 

The flap of the case snaps on and off. 

You can see some of my first shots below.

Little slices of a weekend. 

Little slices of a weekend. 

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and I can't wait to scrap these photos. Happy crafting!