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Try Upcycling a Pringles Can into a Lamp

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Hi everyone Gabriela here today hosting this month's Quick Quotes challenge! The theme is...UPCYCLING! I don't like wasting things, not even scraps of paper so this challenge is super exciting for me. I'm going to show you how to turn this:

Into this:

Start with an empty Pringles can and then wrap it in the paper of your choosing, the area is about 9.5" long. Attach the paper and start rolling it onto the canister, before you completely attach the paper, make sure you cut a whole for the cord to run through. I used a cord/bulb from one of my holiday decorations.
When you are done, you can then add any other paper for accents, I chose a strip and then a piece of adhesive ribbon. Finally make your lamp shade out of paper and make sure that your bulb is fully covered, this will take some trial and error. Cut your canister lid to accommodate the bulb and hold it in place.

Attach the bulb.

Cover with the shade and now you have a fully functional, cute, and upcycled Pringles lamp.  I made the base by stacking a bunch of die cut circles and then stapling them, I covered the bottom with brown craft foam so the sharp edges of the staples would be covered and then I glued that to the bottom of the lamp.

Thanks for stopping over! Quick Quotes Products used:
Whistlin' Dixie - 105, 106
49 Shades of Grey - 105

Hopefully this week I can get back to some of my quilts as well as doing some hand lettering! Stay inspired out here in these crafting streets!