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2018 Craft Goals

Diy, Paper crafting, Reviews, Hand Lettering, Drawing, OrganizationGabriela SimsComment

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!! I am so excited about this year starting and one of the most exciting things is to set out my craft goals for this year! To be honest, they are lofty, but not that difficult! I want to buy less and make more; this sounds easy but I made this same declaration earlier this year and while I managed to do it a little, I feel like I can do more.  I am not saying I will not buy new things because I surely will, but I will try to pay more attention to what I'm actually using instead of just buying what "everyone" is using.  I think it is great to get inspiration from fellow crafters and the crafting community as a whole, but sometimes it's easy to get caught in a cycle of the latest and greatest.  I definitely have some items that I would like to get, but I want to get them because I want them, not because I will be off trend if I don't have them.  Kristina Werner does an excellent Holiday Card Series that features new items, but often times uses her own creativity as the basis of some really beautiful cards; I imagine we could all do that if we tried.  So this year I will be actively going through my supplies and using things or donating them.  I even did a drawing to remind me of this fact using the new Tombow Twintone markers (Christmas gift!) and decided they were great for hand lettering and planner doodling, so they are truly different from my other marker sets.  


I also decided to use my supplies if they are consumables! Many times I have "saved" something for a special occasion only to discover that when I find something good enough to use it on, it has dried out or expired or yellowed.  This year I will use things even if it means using them up, after all, I bought them to use and I should enjoy that part of the process, I'd rather use it than waste it.  On to the other goals, I will try to create one project per week and hopefully one blog post per week and one YouTube video per week.  Now that is super ambitious, but now that I'm done with grad school, I'll have more time to do fun things like that. So hopefully I can reach these goals and share more things with the world!

Happy crafting!